Saturday, December 11, 2010

The New Workshop - Part 11

I AM NOT LEAVING UNTIL EVERY BOX IS UNLOADED!  There!  I feel much better after primal scream therapy.  On to the boxes...

Right now the floor is clear.  There are about 8 packed boxes to be unloaded.  Since I'm running out of storage space I decided to just get it all out of the boxes, then sort it.

 The workbenches are piled high...both of them.  No more room to sit anything.

 This corner is a bit full too...

 I untangled the adjustable arm lamps.  They all need a good cleaning.  We'll take them upstairs to the laundry room and wash them tomorrow.

 Ok, time to dig into the boxes.  This one has weathering pigments and solutions in it.  They are still in the original box with the seals in tact.

 Well, so much for that.  The movers put the boxes in sideways and then crushed them.  Two of the bottle broke and "weathered" everything in the box.  These are my expensive Dr. Ben's Weathering products.  Its ok, only about $50 worth of stuff leaked out.  ARRGGHHH!!!

 And this is what it leaked on.  Two of my multi-drawer cabinets are now ruined.  Luckily all the contents of the drawers were in Ziploc Bags.

 Look at all the crossties!  In every scale imaginable.  I used to sell crossties and it is about time to thing it down to just On30 and HO.  Maybe a few N as well.  Oh, and some HOn3.  Better keep the O and S, too.

 All of the On30 boxes are now packed away.  I'll sort them out later.  This shelf is very deep and there are about 50-60 green boxes shoved in here.

 I've started piling the HO stuff up.  The Dixie Central rolling stock is not here as it has its own case.  Brass to new DCC stuff is here.

 After unpacking a few boxes, we're finally left with the corner.  I am going to need these shelf units so I hope I can find the legs in one of these boxes.  We've looked everywhere for them!

 My favorite little helper helped me unpack (until I dumped a pile of hobby knives in my lap and then redirected her attention elsewhere).  Seems the mover didn't care if the tops were on or fell off, so I unrolled about 10 of them in my lap, one finding my thumb.  No stitches yet, but it's still early!

 Well, they took all the sharp objects out of the drawer inserts and just packed them in paper.  I have two small cuts from this ignorance.

 I shoved all the knives into bins for careful sorting later.

 Piles and piles and piles of stuff!  I got Marie to order some more drawer sets for under the counters.  She'll pick them up tomorrow and I can start filing this stuff away.  I never knew I had so many airburshes!

 More disaster.  The movers threw all my lathes, mills, grinds and sanders into a box together without any packing material. There is no way that the Sherlines aren't damaged in some way.  Time to file a claim.

The donate box is now overflowing.  I'll drag it to the January meeting.  All done!  All the boxes and trash have been removed.  Now to add shelving and drawers and to finish the mess up.  Oh, need to build some shelves as well.

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