Sunday, December 19, 2010

Projects List

Now that the shop is done its time to start working on some projects.  Right now, here is what I'm putting up on my workbench...

1.  Dixie Central Cotton Loading Pier HO Scale - this is a key focal display on the layout, and a stand alone linside model for AP Judging.

2.  Dr. George Banks Office O - a board by board structure for AP Judging.

3.  Clear Creek Bridge On3(0) - a board by board bridge for AP Judging.

4.  144 sq inch Diorama - for the RMR Region Convention Special Contest and possibly for AP Judging

Since the Cotton Pier is almost done and is critical to the first module, we may start there.  The bridge has not been started, but all the wood has been collected, so we'll move it to third place.  Dr. Bank's office is about half done, so it will take number two.  I'll only do the diorama if I can figure out a way to make it count for AP.  Possibly just put Dr. Bank's office on it.  I do have a really nice pile driver kit that would make a neat diorama.

Ok...let's get started.  I'm going to unpack them tonight and figure out what might be damaged, then we'll press on.  In the mean time I need to go by the train store and get some paint. 

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