Sunday, December 19, 2010

The New Workshop - Part 18

This morning I cleaned out the hall.  We have company coming for Christmas so I moved the modules (four of them) into the workshop for temporary storage.  They will only be here for about a week or so, then I'll move them back out and start work on the pink one.

The thick pink foam sandwich is the pier and turntable/engine servicing area on the Dixie Central, which some of my friends are calling the Dixie Donut.

  I put the door back on.  It is only used to seal off the room when its not being used.  This evening it was quite cold in there so I'm not sure if I'll keep it closed or not.

This is a pile to sell, auction or give away.  I'm going to take it to the garage after Christmas.

 One victim of the door installation was the Dixie Central supply box.  I'm not sure where this box will go, and it may just get consolidated to two smaller boxes.

 I have a ton of project trays that are both metal and plastic.  I'm washing and keeping about six of them and the rest went in the trash.  These pans are used to keep projects under construction together and to make them easy to move.  The metal trays also are for baking Primo clays.

 Every shop needs a clock.  Here is the one over Desk #1.

 There!  The last corner is in shape!  The box on the bottom contains my lathe and mill tools and equipment.  Believe it or not the top shelf has empty boxes, and there is still some growing room.

 Here's clock #2 which chimes on the hour with a Lionel train sound.  Gotta have one of those!

I still don't like the heavy lathe up top, but that will have to do for now.


  1. You need to replace the swinging door with a pocket door. Takes zero floor space!
    What is the support structure for your modules made out of? Any pictures/diagrams available?
    --Paul E Musselman

  2. YOu can read about the construction of the Dixie Central on the blog...


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