Monday, December 13, 2010

The New Workshop - Part 12

Someone made a comment about how many hobby knives I have.  Good observation!  Really, nobody needs more than two.  I use both hands, so I keep one filled with a left handed blade and one with a right handed blade.  So why do I have two dozen hobby knives?  One; I often teach hands on clinics and I've collected a ton of them.  Two; I'm the founder and moderator of the widely popular TRAINTOOLS Yahoo Egroup.  Come visit!  I have tested about every type of hobby knife there is.

 Tonight, while talking NMRA Division business I assembled a new rack of shelves for tools.  Just tools.

 The seldom used Sherline lathe goes way up top to gather dust.  The mill has a place in the closet.

 My Dr. Ben's Weathering Pigments and Potions is now stored (white boxes) but will probably migrate to plastic bins shortly.  I found some of my airbrushes and airbrush supplies as well.

 More stuff goes into bins as I slowly clean off the pop-up table.  I can actually walk again in the shop!

 The shelves are filling out nicely but the mess on the work benches doesn't look like I've touched anything.

The scrap plastic parts bin (you have one, right?) goes underneath until I find a better place for it.  This box contains parts from kits that I was building 40 years ago!  I'm only 46 right now.

What?  46 is YOUNG for a model railroader!  I live to fight the mess another day!

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