Saturday, February 1, 2014

102 The Navajo Mining Railway - Depot Shakes Part 4

It's Friday night.  I've got a hot cup of tea, and Discovery Channel's "Monsters" playing on the computer.  Let's work on the depot roof.  I want to assemble the depot this weekend, so we have to make some progress today!

We finished one roof section let's finish the other section tonight.

Shake, shake, shake...meanwhile two guys on tv are hunting big crocodiles using cameras and sticks.  I'm safe in the basement.  Shake, shake, shake...

Um, I'm running really low on shakes!

The guy in the boat is about to be crocodile food...I love the internet!  Shake...shake...shake...

Oh I'm REALLY short of shakes.  Shoot.

I'm not going to make it.  Drat!  I need to make more shakes.  Ok, we can do this and STILL finish tonight!

This is all that is left.  I need about five times this amount.  Better get out the dye!

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