Monday, February 17, 2014

117 The Navajo Mining Railway - Wiseman 18' Flatcar Assembly #1

Let's work on the Wiseman 18' Flat Car today!  We've got time enough to almost complete it.

Let's open the kit I already reviewed the pieces before.

The instructions are useless...nothing but a paragraph saying "hey, its'll figure it out."  We beg to differ.

Let's start on the resin body.

The resin parts in this kit are VERY soft and pliable.  It will never make a good car.  I'm going to put it together only as a prop in front of the depot.   It would be easier to scratchbuild a fleet instead.

I trimmed up and washed the body.  I do like the wood detail underneath, though it will not be seen.

The deck is simulated wood with nail holes.  It is a bit shorter than the body.  Trimming out the stake pocket holes takes time.

The queen post beam has a lot of flash, though this is not that uncommon.

The instructions indicate that you need to drill a hole through the bolster for the fishing line truss rods.  This is impossible, as you can't get a pin vise drill to drill at that angle.  So I drilled a 45 degree hole instead.

I couldn't find any fishing line in the kid.  Maybe I lost it.  Still, I prefer to use brass wire, so I got out the spool and pulled the lines over the queen posts.

The brake rigging instructions were...well...non-existent.  In light of that, and since they really won't be seen anyway, I just mounted the bars to the needle beam.  I'll let all the ACC dry for a while.

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  1. >> The resin parts in this kit are VERY soft and pliable.

    That's too bad. I've been eyeing a couple Wiseman kits but maybe I'll pass on them now. Have you tried other kits by them or is this the first?


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