Sunday, February 9, 2014

109 The Navajo Mining Railway - People For the Depot

I need people and baggage for my depot, and two other depots that I'm going to build for the layout.  Let's go to the store and see what we can find!

Hey!  Look who joined me!  Katie, my three year old.  She wants to play with Play-Dough, so have fun!

Let's clean the work surface as there is a lot of glue, paint and stuck on parts.

Some quick work with the razor blade scraper and we are done!

Somebody is singing!

I went shopping today, which is Saturday and about the only time I get to go to the stored.  First stop was the Train Shoppe where the girls road the 7 1/2 gauge train about five times around.

I need some scenery material but Woodland Scenics just doesn't have the colors I need for Utah.  I'm going to try this ballast for the base ground cover.

I may use some of this as well for the ballast on the track.  What I need to do, as Randy recommended in the store, is to drive to southern Utah with some buckets and dig some dirt.  We'll see...maybe in the spring.

I really want only acrylic paint, but I'm having a heck of a time getting them at my local hobby shops.  Guess I'll start mail ordering what I need.  Picked up some Tru-Color Paint which Randy says sprays really good.  It is acetone based, so it dries quickly.  I got two bottles, primer and rust, to use.

I found this Woodland Scenics set of station people and baggage that will work for my depots.  Just what I needed...but very expensive.

Since the figures and baggage are so expensive and I need a lot more than I bought, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some silicone mold making juice so that I can mold them and make a few more.

While out I ran by the local gaming store called GOJO.  What a nice store with lots of friendly people.  They carry Vallejo, but didn't have any sets.  That was what I wanted.  The fellow at the store said he couldn't tell any difference between the Flames of War set, and Vallejo.  So I bought a set to try at $40.  These are acrylics.

They came in two zipper sealed bags, and no real information.  The guy at the counter says I'll like these and they are easy to clean up.  No one in the store was painting (that's what they do around the gaming stores is paint so usually somebody is doing it.)

Here is the color line up with some good flats and primary colors.  This will get me started.  This type of container (dropper) is way easier to use than model railroad paints with the big opening.  There are one dozen colors, which comes out to $3.33 per bottle.

The color chart on the very top is the set I bought.

I suspect that these are made by Vallejo, or the same manufacturer...warnings are the same.  Doesn't confirm it on the box.

I put them up on the paint rack.  We'll get them out this week and play with them.

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