Thursday, February 6, 2014

106 The Navajo Mining Railway - Depot Roof Assembly

Tonight we'll put the roof on the depot.  I'm running a little bit behind tonight, and am traveling this week, so it will be a chore to get it done by next week.  I'm also in need of some scenery materials, which will delay progress.  But let's press on!

Hey!  Look what showed up!  My new sander.  I bought it on Ebay.  This is one of the ones that Harbor Freight used to sell.  It was $25.  Just needs a rheostat to control the speed.

Chicago tools are sometime good.  This has a solid sewing machine motor on it, so it should be fine.

I set up the angle and make sure everything runs ok.  Looks good.

One problem is the support plate.  It looks like it has been beaten up a little bit and isn't smooth.  I'll have to sand it smooth and polish it.

I needed to smooth out the bottom of the structure, but the sander is just too fast.  I'll have to get it to slow down.

I test fit the roof.  Knowing that the corner posts were not trimmed, I expected to have to do some fitting.  A quick hit with a razor blade and sanding block fixed it.

Using large rubber bands, I put the roof on the structure and braced it with 1-2-3 blocks.  Then I applied a heavy amount of Elmer's Glue to the areas in the roof line.

The fit isn't perfect, but we'll add fascia boards here so the gap will be covered up.

I put a block along the roofline and glued it in place for roof strength.  We'll let this dry for several days.

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  1. Coming along nicely, Scott. I enjoy your blog; learning a lot.


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