Friday, February 7, 2014

107 The Navajo Mining Railway - Depot Weathering

Sometimes it gets really tough to have a blog post daily, but I intend to keep at it.  So far we've been good for the past few months!  When I'm on trips, like this week to Orlando to a conference, I don't get any modeling done.  I did get time to have dinner with my good buddy Rick Wade and to see both his layout and the layout for the Central Florida Railroad Modelers which was amazing.  That is a very long standing club with a great building and a huge operating layout.  What fun!  The only bad thing was that my small camera died before I got a single picture of either layout!  Maybe I can talk Rick into guest blogging sometime.

Time to work on the module.  One thing is that I'm happy with the track so we need to fasten it down.

Using some ACC cement, I put a drop of it under the rail at every tie, and then put a pattened Rick Wade Can 'O Cement on it to weight it down.  We'll let it dry overnight and the rails won't move.

Next, I want to remove the rubber cement from the model so that the weathered gray boards will show through.  I used a regular pencil eraser, but that wasn't such a good idea.  Next time I'll use a square, white art eraser as the pencil left pink rubber all over the model.

Here you can see the weathered wood coming through where the worn paint has peeled off and exposed the boards.  This is a great affect, but next time I'll put the rubber cement on a little heavier.


1.  Wen using the rubber cement peeling paint technique, put the rubber cement on thick so that it is easier to see.
2.  Use an art gum eraser to remove the rubber cement when the paint is THOROUGHLY dry
3.  Don't wait more than about 48 hours to remove the rubber cement

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