Tuesday, February 11, 2014

111 The Navajo Mining Railway - Depot Weathering

It's time to weather the depot, or at least get the first coat going.  Let's remember that we are in Southern Utah.  It is hot there, and dust.  Seldom rains.  The dust is yellow to orange to rusty red.  Paint doesn't last long in the oven that is the high desert.

 I dug out my set of Dr. Ben's Weathering Powders.  We'll need them today!  I'll be using my new bottle of white as well.

Here are the colors that I'm using.  I did put the shadow gray back as it has a green tint to it.  Good for a barn in north Georgia, but not out here in the high desert.

We'll need an old, soft brush, so I grab one from the used brush bin.

I'll start with dusting the roof with some white.  Weathering powders stick close to where you put them so you have to bang some of the dust off the brush before you start.  I got a bit too much on the roof here, but with repeated brushing it came off.

Here is a close up of where I started on the right vs the left with no colorant.  It is a bit much here, but I wore it down with the brush.

The picture on top has the white highlights, the one below doesn't.  See the difference?  It improves as I add other colors and a dull coat.

The roof is complete.  I'll add some other colors later and smooth out the white.  For now I'll let it sit.

A little soot black will be added as streaks on the roof.

The roof looks different under the flash, but right now it looks great...very dry and sun parched.

Using the other colors I start adding dirt to the lower parts of the structure.  Not too much, but enough to indicate the wind has blown the dirt up on the building over time.

There!  I had to glue the door back on, so we'll stop today while that dries and I'll work on it more tonight when the little monsters go to bed.  I'm trying to figure out how to get clay out of my carpet.  Arrgh!

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