Wednesday, February 12, 2014

112 The Navajo Mining Railway - Depot Base Scenery & Trim Work

Let's add some base scenery to the depot diorama.  I'm going to use some ballast here, which is taboo with On30 guys, but that's the way its going to be!  I'm still working with rock colors and am testing some things.  The layout probably won't have ballast at all.

First, I need to do some trim work on the roof underneath, on the gable.

I am not crazy about the gap there...but it will have to wait.  For now, I want to trim the joint between the wall and the roof.

Using some thin stock, I cut and test fit a board.  There will be four of these. let's paint them!

I cut one extra, and a little bit long, just in case I trim one and do it incorrectly.  I call this "failing ahead."  Seldom do I use the emergency board...but if I don't cut one, it is an 89% chance that I will have to make one.

We'll use a #1 brush, some brown trim paint, and the boards.

Here are the boards mounted after painting.  Makes a world of difference.

Now I'm going to add the color and texture base to the diorama top.

This is still wet with glue.  The colors are prototypical, but very hard to work with for me as I've only done eastern scenery.  I need to get some rock from Utah and build another scenery test.  The red ballast is the right color...but looks odd against the tan.  Some bushes and boulder will be added when this dries.

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