Sunday, February 16, 2014

116 The Navajo Mining Railway - Depot Gets Glazing

It's a bit drafty in the depot, so let's add glass to the windows!

I clear off the workbench and bring over the depot.

Using a spare window like those I used on the structure, I cut out a paper template to use for the acetate glass.  Normally I use slide glass or other materials as acetate is hard to work with.  But I need it done and done fast.

Using the acetate I cut out seven windows, one more than I needed.

Here they are.  You have to keep them clean and free of scratches and dings.  Be careful!

Using ACC, something else I don't like using, I mount each of the windows.  Normally I'd use Canopy Glue, but my tube was dried up.  I use a foam cradle to hold the window to a level position.

I turn the depot and glue in the windows one or two at a time.

Once I put in the last one, we'll put it aside to dry.

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