Tuesday, February 18, 2014

118 The Navajo Mining Railway - Wiseman 18' Flatcar Assembly #2

We'll need some wheels, so let's get to work.  I just ate a hamburger, and the family is still leaving me alone for the day.  Yeah!

This is another part of the kit without any instructions, or even a picture.  WTF?

I'm not really sure how the parts go together.  I've not yet figured out how the brakes are mounted, so I'll just guess at it.  I'm using Ambroid cement to weld it together.

Here is as good as I know how to do.

Next I started filing off the 12 stake pockets.  This took a while, so I pulled up old Star Trek episodes to keep me occupied.  TV is great when you are filing.  After mounting the car to my cradle, I added one side's pockets.

Once dry, I flipped it over and added the rest.  We'll let this dry for a good while.

Captain's Log Stardate 02.09.2014... it appears ACC got on my fingers and I have a Klingon.  Drat!

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