Friday, January 31, 2014

101 The Navajo Mining Railway - Depot Shakes Part III

Still working on the roof tonight...let's finish one side.

We continue with the same pattern.  I'm careful to stop once in a while and look at the roof from a distance to see if I'm in alignment.  More glue!

Shake, shake, shake...Senora....shake your roofy line...

I'm listening to a tv show on Mars.  Very interesting.  I like documentaries when I'm working on things that require a lot of attention, but can be boring.

Done!  Oh, I like that!  Great color and texture.  It really jumps out at you.

Here we take a test to see how it looks with the depot side.  Awesome.  I love it.  The work is so worth the effort.

Houston, we have a problem.  I'm thinking I might be a few shakes short of a shiver.  This is a real predicament as if I don't have enough and have to make more at the end, they may not look the same and the roof will look funny.  If I don't take the time to make some more, I could be hurting.  If I had a very accurate gram scale I probably could use it to figure out if I have enough.  Not worth trying to count.  I'll ponder it for a day...stay tuned!

Thanks to all for the great feedback on video cameras!  I appreciate it!

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