Sunday, January 12, 2014

Railroad Evangelistic Association - My Sunday Sermon!

The other day my friend and Blog subscriber Mark Lewis sent me an envelope and on the back was a huge, metal foil adhesive sticker.  It immediately caught my eye!  On it the sticker, written across a speeding steam locomotive it said:


I think I had heard of this group once before, maybe hearing that George Sellios was a member, but had forgotten all about it.  What a cool group!  It is for real railroaders and modelers alike.  From one of the newsletters I gather that the REA is 73 years old.

The newsletters are on line and there are some great stories which would be worth your time.  They even have conventions!

Membership is only $10 per year and the group is non-denominational.  I might have a look at joining.  I will get a link on my blog to the group as well.  If you know any more about the group, please let us know!

God has blessed me with a wonderful family and with the funds to pursue my hobby to the fullest.  My wife and two daughters quite precious to me.  The trains keep me sane.  I'm no saint, but I try to follow the path.

Glad to see my friend Mark is a believer.  I am.  So is my buddy Rick, Steve and several others.  Maybe you are, too.

If you are not...I'm glad to talk to you about it!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. Thanks so much! I am farily new to model railroading and have never heard of this organization. I'll be checking them out!

    1. It is good to have you in Model Railroading, Mack! Let us know how we can help you with your adventure!

    2. Hi! my name is Cheryl. And I have been into model railroading since about 1995-1996. I am a locomotive engineer/switch man by trade. I just found out about this website within the last 10 min.
      I am also a certified member of the Railroad Evangelistic Association myself. And a railroad evangelist with my own railroad ministry. :)

  2. Does "Athern" still make the model railroad kits? I've heard different things on this. I built them for years and I was just wondering. Because I would like to get back into it. Thanx! :)


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