Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Installing the New Tool Chest Part 2

Let's clean up the mess.  It is VERY early in the morning and no one else is awake, so I'm sneaking down to the shop before I have to cook breakfast and go to church.

Chest number 3 is now being loaded with precision sanding tools since I do that work at workbench #2.

Chest #2 (keep up with the class now!) has anything that is NOT a cutting tool removed from it and resorted.  I do keep needles in here, only because they don't stick into metal.

All the drawers are sorted now.  Odd cutters in the top since I don't go there much.  Hobby knives in the first drawer along with fresh blades in drawer #1, scissors of all types in drawer #2, and razor blades, scrapers and other cutters in drawer #3.  I can keep this one locked in case my little ones wander down here.

I moved chest #2 and cleaned up the computer desk.

Here it is next to Chest #1.  Now to work on the remaining miscellaneous tools laying on the workbench.

Oh, what a mess.  First, remove anything that can spill or leak, like Windex or rinse water, so we don't make a bigger mess.

Hey!  Fancy that!  An Altoids box actually filled with Altoids!  Normally I use these for spent blades...have a mint!

Wow!  That went fast.  When I don't have the wife and kids asking twenty questions a second, things go fast.  My shop is directly below the kitchen where everyone stays all the time.  My little one discovered that there is an air vent between the kitchen and shop, and if she talks through it, I answer!  We have big fun with that.

Wrapping up chest #3 with layout tools, sanding equipment, Dremel parts and those really crazy tools like suction bulb window alignment applicators.

My assortment of tin cans got moved back to its spot.  This are consumable and are very cheap and handy.

My new 1-2-3 set up blocks will go in this drawer now that I have gotten the oil off of them.  I use them for building assembly.  My old ones were 30 years old, so I replaced them with shiny ones.

There!  Nice and tidy.  Still hate the location of the soldering station, but we'll deal with that in 2015.

The shop is ready to go!  Time for new projects.  We have a depot still going together, so that is the first priority, and not too far from completion.

I'm going to put together a Fine Scale Miniatures kit now that Sellios is NOT retiring and its value may be less than I'd hoped.  In all these years I've never built one, so this should be fun.

This is HO, but still something I want to do during the cold winter here in Utah.

The other project, next to the depot is the Wiseman 18' Log Flat Car.  I need this for a clinic next month, so it has priority with the depot.

I'll probably open it up today and get cracking.  Want another mint?

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