Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Train Shop Invaded by Minions!

The thing I love most about the holidays is getting to play with the children for as long as a want.  For the mommy in the house...that is usually all day.  We got lots of craft stuff for Christmas, so let's go get messy.  The shop is the perfect place for that.

My goal: teach them the skills of model building and painting without stripping their creativity.  Give them a way to express themselves.  I never care if they like trains or not, just as long as they find creative hobbies. I want them to love art the way I do, but in their own fashion.  One serious concern I have is that kids are no longer spending time making things with their hands.  We have a Wii and a big screen tv in the next room, but it is seldom if every used as the kids would rather be in the shop.

Today, the Minions want to paint!  Both of their grandmothers paint, so they should be naturals!

 Taylor has her first real acrylic paint set from Santa, which came with a real easel and canvases.  The smock is an old T shirt of mine, and her socks are certainly Taylor's way of expressing her love for color.

 The three year old is using a less expensive acrylic set and a set of older brushes.  The smock is mandatory with this one, whom I'm hoping won't paint my tools.

Katie is learning that by mixing primary colors you can make wonderful secondary colors.  Yellow and blue make green.

Taylor is using a new pallet, and carefully opening each paint tube.  She knows to wipe off the openings and the caps to keep the paint moist.

Still, her set doesn't have every color she needs, so she is welcomed to grab something from my stock as long as she is careful with it, doesn't waste material and puts them back.  This is a lesson we all need to learn.

Katie has one disposable gloves to help keep her hands clean.  This will help keep her work tidy as well as her clothes.

Acrylics clean up with water if they haven't oxidized.  Once they set, they are relatively permanent.  A small set like this should be in every model builder's work room.  The best time to get them is right after the holidays when they go on clearance, or use your 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby or other store.

The easel is aluminum and adjusts quickly.  It can be used on a table, or standing up.  It is lightweight with a carrying case, so it can be taken anywhere.  I've encouraged her to leave it here in the shop so that she'll come down and work with me.

Katie is making a huge mess, but is having a lot of fun.  We spent a good deal of time teaching them how to clean and store brushes as well as cleaning pallets.  They had great fun!  Spending time teaching them is fun for me, and I learn a lot as well.  My dad spent many hours teaching me these skills, so I feel I owe it to them (and you) to pass on what I know.

LOL...another present showed up in the mail the other day!  Two boxes of Q-tips.  Figuring Rick had already sent me something, I figured it must be someone else and have been racking my brain trying to figure out who it was. Turns out it was Rick again...driving me crazy.  Thanks Rick!  These come in handy for cleaning out the paint tub caps!


1.  Every modeler should have a set of acrylic paints for detail work and other art needs.
2.  Take time to teach new modelers the tricks of the trade.  You didn't learn it by yourself, and neither can they.  Give!
3.  Let your kids work next to you, answer their questions and take time to show them proper techniques and care of tools.

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    I'm glad that you enjoyed the Q-tips! I enjoyed messing with your mind sending them!

    Now I'll just have to figure what to send you next.........................



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