Friday, January 24, 2014

FSM Kit #160 Logging Repair Shed Project 01 - Introduction

FSM Kit #160 Logging Repair Shed in HO Scale

I've always wanted to assemble a Fine Scale Miniatures kit.  They are wonderful pieces of art, and I hear that they are great ways to learn model building skills.  There are several here in the shop but most were put away as investments or collectibles.  The snow is deep, the days are short, and I'm going to put one together with you.  This kit is in HO, but I build in a lot of different scales for fun!  My thought is that you can easily build one just like it in O scale if you are willing to scare up the detail parts.  Maybe we do that some day!

Here is kit #160, produced back in 1977, as per FSM Kits Website.  There were 3,000 of them produced at a price of $36.95 each.  That is way different than the going  rate of about $150 if and when you can find them.  This one was in mint condition and was well cared for, at 37 years old!

The inner box had been wrapped to protect it, yet still allow for inspection.  We cut off the wrapper and immediately see FSM's legendary huge sheet of instructions.  Somebody has to help me understand why this enormous, double side print sheet is a benefit, but I hear that folks think it is fantastic.

Here you can see one side with photos of a finished kit in what appears to be full size.  The photos are black and white, but very clear.

As we unload the box there is a very small bag of stripwood.  Like....a REALLY small bag of stripwood.  Wow, this kit is smaller than I expected.   Later I measured the drawings and it is about 5 1/2" by 2 1/2", just enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

A nice wad of paper to keep the heavy castings from moving around.

Ah, we find the mother-lode!  Here is a box full of castings!

Opening the treasure box, there is a bundle of castings and cotton wadding.  The little box weights a few pounds.

Here we go!  Lots of tiny castings, mostly in very good condition.  I actually prefer them to be a little older so I don't have to pickle them before painting.

There is some additional strip wood not in the bag.  Always worries me when the parts aren't together, like something might be missing.

More special instructions...

And some cutting diagrams.

More cutting diagrams...

And even more cutting diagrams!

 I flatten out the instructions by laying two sheets of glass over them.  I'm headed out for a trip, so we'll let these sit here for a week and de-wrinkle.  Then I'll photograph them and make copies for myself so I can work off the copies and not the originals.  Its just in case I spill something on them, which has happened!

Since the glass is clear, I put a stripe of blue tape across it just to remind me not to drop something on it.  This is 1/8th window glass and not the 1/4" plate glass that I normally use.  It is very fragile.

Ebay Seller "Oldstrings" said that I could use his photos of a model of the logging repair shed that he sold fairly recently.  He did not know who the builder was.  If you happen to know let me know so I can give him credit!  Click on the photos to enlarge.

This is the original advertisement for the sale of the kit.  Looks great in black and white!

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