Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Installing the New Tool Chest

Maybe a better title is "How to Destroy Your Workshop and Shut Down Everything for Two Days!"   Luckily I'm a few blog posts ahead.  This is turning out to be a headache.  All I want to do is get the new tool box in.  Its the story of three little toolboxes...

The first little toolbox was painted bright red and contained anything that could cut your finger off, along with an assortment of stuff up top that just didn't fit anywhere.

The second little tool box was old and gray, and wanted to retire from daily service but still hang around with friend, drink beer and feel useful once in a while.

The third little toolbox wanted to be in the middle of the action and was ready for whatever we could throw at him.

What a mess.  This is my current drawer with specialty screwdrivers (the liquid variety is up in the locked cabinet and ice is in the freezer so help yourself) and a vast assortment of tweezers, all mixed with other things which has happened since the great move of 2010.

We sorted out the tweezers, checked them for alignment, cleaned a few, put protectors on some, and put them all in a small drawer.  This way I can pull the whole drawer down and pick what I want.  These aren't all my tweezers as I keep about three of them I use constantly on the workbench close by.

These scoundrels are headed to the scrap metal factory.  It takes guts to throw out tools...but I will do it.  So help me.  Ok...can I keep them just a little longer?

Picks and pokes are next.  I have tons of dental picks and small objects designed to draw blood through impalement.  We'll put those in a small drawer, too.

I love this tool chest because I can better subdivide small groups of tools.  Here is all my drilling stuff in one handy little drawer.

Calipers, both dial and digital, are very delicate instruments and must be cared for.  The get the bottom larger drawer along with some other precision or delicate instruments.

Don't ask me how but I have about a dozen Torx type screwdrivers.  Never in 43 years of playing with trains have I seen a Torx screw on a model or layout.  Trashcan.  See, I'm recovering.  I can do this!

I keep two sets of screwdrivers (Wiha and and expendable set) on the workbench, so I put the rest including some specialty ones in a small drawer.  This makes it easier to sort through.

Wait a minute.  The shop is getting destroyed!  I turn on Scotty Mason's video to keep me company.

After a great deal of cleaning, some minor repair, and a little tightening up, Old Granddad is actually in better shape than I thought.  I'll put tools I seldom use here, but maybe put my Dremel stuff here to make it easier to find.

I love my wife.  She gave me the UniLab.  It solders, is amp and volt meter, a convenient adjustable power supply and makes perfect omelets.  Really, it is a great tool.  It is just too darn big.  We need to rethink this gadget, but I wouldn't get rid of it if it hurt her feelings.  I'll buy her a bigger house...

Ok, It does fit...but I'm not really happy with the arrangement.  Better leave it for the night as I'm getting grumpy and throwing things.

Shop is worse off than when I started, but I did find some tools which had been missing for a long time including two brand new small blade squares that I forgot I had bought.  They were still packed in oil.

Night ya'll

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