Thursday, January 23, 2014

Planning for a New Video Camera

Available in March: Canon 32GB VIXIA HF R52 Full HD Camcorder

In an effort to add more pizzazz to the blog, I'd like to start adding some videos.  I know very little about it, but have taken low quality videos before.  My Flip camera just died, and we have two kids that need filming before they are off to college, so my wife and I have been discussing it.

Electronic purchasing has gotten so complicated.  There are so many options, gadgets, add ons and things to consider.  My thought is that this is about a $1,200 purchase for us, which means lots of research and questions.

My most knowledgeable friend for video stuff is Rick Wade in Florida, who does this for a living.  He's been great at coaching me on what to think about.

So far I know this....

What I want to with it:

  1. Railfan, taking pictures of running trains, both moving and from a tripod
  2. Video clinics and presentations
  3. How to videos for the blog
  4. Oh...videos of my children in performances, usually under very poor light
Here are some things I know I need:
  1. Must record in MP4
  2. Need to be HD
  3. All digital, no tape (solid state)
  4. Additional memory ability
  5. Good tripod (Bogan fluid head, maybe from B&H Photo.  Look at model 501)
  6. At least a 15x optical (not digital) zoom
  7. Microphone input plug for headset or lapel mike, or boom
  8. Wireless mike
  9. Also focus on audio quality
  10. Jack for headphones (in case audio doesn't work)
  11. Member on SD cards, not Sony
  12. Avoid Sony Memory Sticks
  13. Need memory stick capability as high as 120 gigs
  14. Need to film for 4 hour blocks
  15. Need optical view finder, don't rely on screen
  16. Need to be able to switch audio off
  17. Canon preferred.  I've had good luck with Canon, not with Sony.
  18. Prefer it if lens attachments are available.
  19. Wide angle option is a plus
  20. Batteries need to be good quality, and need spares
I'm also going to need video software.  
  • Adobe Premier U6
  • Power Director
  • Freeware options
  • Elements
So I've started thinking and looking.  Camera equipment gets used heavily here, so I don't mind getting good stuff.  I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions!

Rick, did I get everything right?

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  1. Scott, You nailed it! I looked at the camera details on the B&H site and they are impressive. The only thing that I can't determine from the specs is the optical zoom as I believe they are advising the combined optical and digital level.



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