Saturday, January 4, 2014

Airbrush Training at Scott's Basement

My friend Mark and his son Eric are budding model builders, as is my daughter Taylor.  They have all been very interested in learning how to airbrush, so on New Year's Eve I brought them down to the basement for some hands on experience.

Taylor and I set up a large, heavy table in the basement and equipped it with airbruses, tape, paint, models, gloves, masks and other tools.

Eric here likes to build rockets and airplanes.  Doesn't matter to me...sooner or later we'll convert him to trains when he realizes the planes don't move!

We hooked up the compressor and got out the brand new Paasche Model H external mix single action brush.  After some training on how to paint, we washed and dried several models and each took a turn giving it a coat of paint.  Mark is going to buy one for them to use.

Sorry I didn't take more pictures.  It was a holiday and we just wanted to have fun.


1.  If you don't know how to do something, such as airbrushing, just ask someone that does know to show you how.
2.  Actually doing it will help get rid of fears and anxiety about airbrushing.  Get your hands dirty!
3.  You don't need a fancy booth or expensive dual action, internal mix brush to get started.  Keep it simple!

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