Tuesday, January 28, 2014

099 The Navajo Mining Railway - Depot Windows and Shakes

Ok, let's mess up the entire shop tonight!  Both workbenches!

 Pardon the lousy pictures.  I'm tired and just wanted to build for a change.

First I test fit all the windows and doors into the painted walls.  Using and emery board I sanded some of the openings for a less snug fit.

The windows should be straight and level, and snug right up to the wall.  Oops...that one doesn't.  Sand, sand, sand!

I test fit the doors into the door frames...all good!

Using Depot Buff paint I paint the door panels on the outside of the door.  No need to paint the ones inside as I never step foot into the building.

To give the structure a lived in feeling, I open both doors and glue them in with gap filling CA adhesive, using a toothpick to prop them open, and some Zip Kicker to lock them in place.

I turn the two long walls over and will let them dry.  So much for the mess on Desk 2!

Over on Desk 1 we have a bad case of the shingles.  Shakes, actually.  First, I draw one foot apart alignment lines on the roof sections.  This is where the top of the shake will go.

Eight hours later (just kidding) I've go a line of shakes glued one at a time with Elmer's white glue forming a nice line.  You HAVE to get these perfectly straight or you will see the error a mile away.

The shakes overlap the sides just a tiny bit.

Here is a little better picture.  Ok, only 80 more hours to go, and about 10 repeat episodes of Gilligan's Island.  RIP, Professor.

Tune in next time for the Shakes!

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