Monday, January 27, 2014

098 The Navajo Mining Railway - Painting the Depot

The depot is not that old, but has been baking in the southern Utah desert for some time.  Paint doesn't hold up well in the bright sun and intense heat.  That is the effect we are after.

I fire up the airbrush booth.  We're going to shoot two colors today; depot buff and roof brown.  The window castings are the roof brown parts.

My little compressor is purring like a kitten.  I purchased it from Harbor Freight about 10 years ago, and its worked flawlessly.

We'll be using the new Model H today, Paasche's long time heavy duty airbrush.  When you buy your first one, this should be what you get.

I moved my airbrush holder down to the table and installed the airbrush with a color cup.

Using acrylic roof brown I gave the castings a good coating.  Actually I gave them about 10 light coatings all sprayed from different angles.  I'll put these aside to dry.

After a quick brush cleanout with water, I put on the color jar since I'm going to use a lot more paint for the depot sides.  I'm using Floquil Depot Buff, a solvent paint.  Yes, there is a fireplace with a pilot light right behind me, but we won't spray enough solvent to blow up the house.

Gently and slowly I paint the depot sides.  I don't want them heavily covered except at the top where the roof line will protect the wood siding from the sun.  The roof is only painted where the underneath will be exposed.

While that dries my friend Mark and his son Eric come over.  We discuss the finer points of fuselage assembly on a Corsair by Revell.  Its great fun to share the hobby with friends, especially the young ones!  I'll spend all the time with him he needs.

I retape and flip all the casting over, and shoot them again several times.

We'll set these aside to dry for 24 hours.

What a mess!  That is the only thing I don't like about airbrushing.  Generally I save up a bunch of projects and do them all at once.

I gun the sides again and wrap up for the day.

The airbrush gets a bath in the ultrasonic cleaner, as do all the associated parts.  Next time...we assemble the walls!

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