Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Willamette River Railway - Rework the Dimensions

Thayne the Viking was kind enough to review all the dimensions a few days ago.  Here's his email...

Hey Scott, Sorry for the delayed response. I remeasured the layout. Here is what I found. The back wall is 20'1" total in length, The front wall is 20' total in length, The east and west ends are both 7'4". The (total) door opening is 37". The bench work along the front wall is 17' 6 3/4" On your drawings you show 17'6"- 6"-23"-7", It should be 17' 6 3/4"-6 5/8"- 22 3/4"- 7 3/4 on the doorway dimensions. I don't know if that helps or makes matters worse on your end?
                                                                      Thayne 13 aka the Viking! (I liked that comment!)

Well, it is very common for a room not to be truly square.  That is why I always allow a 2" fudge factor when I'm drawing.  Just to allow for that.  Ok, let's make the changes.

Only slight adjustments needed to be made to the dimensions.  These were mostly around the door area where I just incorrectly wrote some of the numbers.  Click to enlarge.

Done!  Now we can draw some track!!!

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