Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Computer Time!

The old computer is getting slower and less powerful by the minute.  Publishing the Callboard Magazine takes a lot of computing power for all the pages and photos.  Most of my peripherals were shot as well, including my small monitor.  Marie said she'd start looking during Black Friday and get me a deal.  That she did!

The new computer and software have arrived!

A computer is now the single most invaluable tool that I have.  Its used for notes, blogging, email, data, research, record keeping and probably the most important of all; photograph storage.  I use it daily, more than any other tool.

Your computer should be the best you can afford.  I replace mine every three years with a more current version, and I replace software as well.  Its not cheap, but I use it so much that I want to have the best I can get.  Hewlett Packard screwed me out of my $50 rebate on the last computer.  Said someone had already claimed the funds.  I claim they are idiots.  So they are out.  I've sent some Dell's back, especially the crappy laptops.  My Lenovo office laptop is incredible, so we'll go Lenovo this time.  I call it the Tank Pad. (They produce the ThinkPad brand). 

She bought me a monitor that is a much bigger and higher quality for my constantly failing eyesight.  I got a new version of Publisher, new Windows 7, a good mouse, a much better backlit keyboard for typing at night, and a mouse pad.  What fun.

The real paid with a new computer is getting it all set up which can take a week.  My 3rd Plan It software needs to be moved, which is very important.  I'll take care not to wipe out my files.

We'll get started on it one night this week.

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