Saturday, December 31, 2011

Willamette River Railway - Layout Complete

This is the final drawing of the layout to be submitted to Thayne which includes everything but the turnouts layer. This has been a fun project and knowing Thayne, will be completed in a few years.  I look forward to working with him on construction and we may tweak the drawing as we go along.  Thanks for coming along on this adventure!
Full Drawing - Click to Enlarge

Close Up Drawing for Construction

Willamette River Railway

Layout Statistics and Information
Updated 12-29-11

Owner: Thayne Tenney, Sandy, Utah
Designer: Scott Perry, Sandy, Utah
Scale: HO
Gauge: Standard
Standards: NMRA
Track Centers: 2 2/3” mainline, 2” yard and other
Size: 8 x 20 feet
Railroad: Union Pacific, Portland Terminal Railroad Co.
Height: 49 1/2”
Track: Atlas Code 83
Turnouts: Walthers’s Code 83 Turnouts
Turnouts: Mainline #8, Sidings #6, Switching District #5
Radius: Mainline minimum 32”, Switching district 18”
Grade Maximum: 2%
Sub-Roadbed: spline or cookie cutter plywood
Roadbed : Homabed or homasote
Layout Style: twice around, over under with lift outs, hidden staging.
Track Clearance: 4.5”
Train Length: 8 cars, 50 foot length + loco is average
Control System: MRC Prodigy Advance 2 DCC
Purpose: Hauling freight through Portland on UP’s Brooklyn Subdivision, moving freight to the Portland Terminal customers, and supporting customers on the mainline including a large power station.
Traffic: grain; IBC’s, coal, mixed freight, etc.

Key Industries:

1.       Greenbrier Rail Services (repairs rail cars) – steel & parts in, railcars out.
2.       Ashland Hercules (chemicals) – chemicals in and out
3.       Boydstun Metal Works – scrap metal in and out
4.       Port of Portland Dock 2 – any dry commodity
5.       Portland Grain Terminal – grain in and out
6.       Eugene Grain and Feed – grain in and out
7.       Boardman Plant – coal in
8.       Portland Chemical – chemical hoppers out


  1. Wow Scott this is so awesome!!!!!! I would not change one single thing! I cant beleive how much you know and how you can find the stuff you do. You must be able to read my mind or you were listening when I told you the kind of layout I wanted and the type of industries I am interested in modeling beacuse you absoultely nailed it!! Thank you so much!I am wondering if that fancy computer and your skills can put together a print out of the entire project from start to finish? I would love to have a copy to keep and show to everyone I know. Thanks again.

  2. We can certainly do that...I'll put it together for you. We'll send it off to the NMRA magazine and see if they want to publish it.


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