Friday, December 23, 2011

The Dixie Central II - A Word From Rick

My good friend Rick was disturbed to hear I was throwing out the Dixie Central...


I was surprised to see your Dixie Central for sale as I don't believe you mentioned that when we all had lunch together in Gainesville.  I'm curious - when you say that it doesn't fit your basement what do you mean?  Can you please give more detail on what's lacking with it and what Dixie Central II will be that is different?  My curiousity is killing me!

Oh, and have a blessed and Merry Christmas!

God bless,

Rick & Midge

Here is my reply...

I have been back and forth on it for about a year...and while designing Thayne's layout and having a lot of fun I've decided to throw it out and start over.  I want something a little different that fits in the room better, but with the same theme.  I've already got the track, rolling stock and most of the structures are built...I just need something that fits in the small basement better.  Thus, the Dixie Central II.

Its hard but I have to try to follow my own advice...if you don't like it and it keeps you from it out!

So it does physically fit in the basement, but because it is round it is out in the middle and you have to work around it, plus it is very hard to configure permanent lighting too, which I need for my poor eyesight.  

So on the new Dixie Central II you'll see backdrops, better lighting, and more view blocks to make the layout look larger. There will also be longer sidings for handling slightly bigger trains.  The main drawback will be tighter curves due to loop restrictions.  It will be better, yes!
Scott G. Perry, CPM

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