Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Willamette River Railway - Elevations and Turnouts

In order for Thayne to start construction of the right-of-way, he'll need elevations.  Let's go through the layout and mark the key elevations for the main line.  Well, all of it.

 Here is our plan so far...
 Here is the detail of the bridge area on the river.  I'll add some stick bridges here and remove the marks.
 Sometime between when I drew this and the baby came downstairs to yell "choo choo" I forgot what this picture was about.
 To do elevations, I first start a LAYER called ELEVATIONS and turn it rusty red.  I make small circles and put the elevations in inches inside.  I'll keep these and change them as I go.

 Working around the layout I put in all key elevations, such as clearance points, lift out bridges, mainline key points, yard beginnings and ends, and sidings.  Anything that might be needed for construction.
Ok, here are the stick bridges that I put in.  Ugly, but you get the point.

Next, I created a LAYER called TURNOUTS and made it blue.  By going around the layout and selecting the mainline turnouts I can get the code number for each turnout and put it beside the turnout.  Lots of curved turnouts.  Thayne may have to learn how to hand-lay track!


  1. Hey Scott, the layout looks so awesome. Thank you! I worked on the bench work over the holidays my wife had to work and I was here alone so I was able to get a ton of work done. I was wondering if you could drop by and take a look at a couple of things that may or may not affect things? let me know when you have a few seconds and we will take a look. Thank you!!!

  2. Scott,

    I'm very impressed with you putting you own railroad on hold to help Thayne. That's what makes the hobby great - unselfish people like you helping others!


  3. Thayne's a great guy and a master carpenter...so I want to see him have fun! A good layout design will make for good operating sessions that I can walk too!

  4. It's cool watching your progress and the process you go through! Let me know if I can help out with the turnouts. I understand if you want a certain type, that's fine. With how fast you guys are progressing I'm guessing there will be a USRM open house soon :) can't wait! -Jim Wanlass.


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