Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Willamette River Railway - Fixing Problems

The new computer is super fast and the screen is awesome!  I so love drawing on this new unit!  Let's start debugging the main and adding some sidings.

I set up a layer called INDICATORS so that I can communicate with Thayne the area that I'm working on.  I premake 10 of these circles with numbers in red and put them over the area I need to improve.  Usually I don't work on more than 10 at a time.  If I have more issues than that, I go back and redraw the mainline.

#1 I'd like to get a large industry in along the wall where I can place some long trackage.  Big industries are what pay the bills for railroads, so we need at least two that work off each other.  First thing I'll do is pull the loops in tighter to the aisle and move the crossover away from the left out bridges.  On the lower level (inside loop) I go ahead and add a curved turnout to feed the hidden staging tracks under the top layer.

#2 is the small door.   In order to draw more clearly I "closed" it.  I've also added a second fouling line that is close to the wall for the bottom layer.  I'll need to get Thayne to measure where this might be as it could affect the hidden staging.

#3 is to move the upper mainline and siding so that they clear the curved turnout below.  This is a very tight area and may need more work.

#3b is putting a siding off the mainline to feed the large industry.  We'll need two tracks to handle a full train of 8-9 feet long.  This also gives us a possible cassette loading solution.  We won't fuss over the track just now...I just wanted to make sure the big #8 turnout was installed on the main.

#4 The upper main line has been put in.  After looking at this, I decided to flip the passing siding to the other side of the track to give more yard space to the track below.

#5 This trackage will be redrawn AFTER the turnout to the industry.  Works better that way although it fouls the mainline.  I probably will fix that on the next pass.  You don't see my little notebook next to the computer, but I keep one for writing reminders.  The blog serves as a searchable notes database, so most things are written in the blog.

#6 Here we are seeing the lower Brooklyn yard take shape.  I've included a very small loco servicing structure here.  Actually I got more track in hear than I thought...but I'm not sure we need all of them.  We'll come back to this once the main line is "virtually" running.

So much for tonight...see ya!

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  1. WOW is all I can think to say Scott! I am sitting here thinking about what the track would have been like if I would have designed it myself. Thank you so much for all of your help. I am hoping that with your help I can build my dream layout. THANK YOU Scott!


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