Thursday, December 29, 2011

Willamette River Railway - More Info

Ran over to Thayne's to drop off a book and he sent me some info...measured it on the odometer and he is exactly 1/2 mile from my door.  Had I not been in a rush, I'd have walked it.  I'll take his info and update the

Hey Scott,  I did not have have time to look at your emails and blog much this morning. I am just catching up now. I was going to answer a few of your questions, 

1. The lay out is 49 1/4" high  the bench work is 48"  add the 3/4" plywood and 1/2" homosote  gives a total 49 1/4"
2. The DCC system that I have is the MRC PRODIGY ADVANCE 2 DCC
3. The 3/4" plywood and the Homosote are held in place with a few screws the Homasote is pretty much just tacked in place. The reason I did that is so I could use my router and a flush trim bit to give me the nice clean smooth even edge. My thinking is I can draw out the main line and pull a few screws and make any cuts with a jig saw or router, (just my weird way)
4. Randy was not at the train shoppe today or tomorrow so I am hoping he is working on Saturday so I can order the track and turn outs I only like to deal with Randy.  Just a personal thing I guess?? (Scott - I agree and like to deal only with Randy)
5. My electrician Jimmy is ready any time to help me with the lighting. The delay is me... I cant decide what I want to use.  I started a post on the MRR forum last night. I am hoping to get some good ideas.                

6. As for making any changes on the track in the yard or port area I am fine with any good ideas. You guys know much more than I do.

    Thank you for your help and your friendship.

I'm not familiar with the MRC system, but it should more than suffice and the hobby shop recommended it.  Here's a link if you want to check it out.  I love that it has a fast clock!  What a great idea!

Brand: MRC
Item # 0001414

Price: $429.98
Add to Cart Add to Cart
Latest addition to the Prodigy line:

The ultimate DCC experience 

If you're a multi-user, multi-cab club with a complex layout and you're ready to take advantage of everything the ultimate DCC experience can offer, Prodigy Advance Squared is the system for you. It is also the first DCC system so brilliantly designed that it eliminates the complexities of operation without sacrificing sophisticated technology and comprehensive features.

Prodigy Advance Squared features... 
  • Two or four digit addressing (0-9999 addresses available) 
  • Advanced and Universal consisting 
  • 14-28/128 speed steps for precise speed control 
  • Only Prodigy Advance can simultaneusly run up to 99 throttles using plug 'n play technology 
  • 28 accessory functions to handle multi- function sound systems like MRC Sound Decoders 
  • Fast clock with adjustable ratios for running your railroad on an accurate timetable 
  • Program all CVs with ease 
  • Program on the main or on the program track without affecting active locos 
  • Recall and stack features
  • Program and set routes for multi-output N.M.R.A. compatible Accessory Decoders
  • Comes complete with all the present N.M.R.A. upgrades and is easily upgradeable to any future NRMA protocols
  • Wireless ready…just “Plug and Play”
  • Comes complete with power supply, base unit and one handheld, [nothing else to buy to get started]
  • No complex, hard to understand instruction manual. You’ll be running trains like a “pro” in minutes
  • Extra ports on the console for additional handhelds and/or extensions plates
  • When you're ready, you can upgrade to Prodigy Advance 2 wireless DCC... all you need is MRC's Wireless Conversion Set (0001412)
  • Also available are power district boosters, ideal for larger layouts 

Willamette River Railway

Layout Statistics and Information
Updated 12-29-11

Owner: Thayne Tenney, Sandy, Utah
Designer: Scott Perry, Sandy, Utah
Scale: HO
Gauge: Standard
Standards: NMRA
Track Centers: 2 2/3” mainline, 2” yard and other
Size: 8 x 20 feet
Railroad: Union Pacific, Portland Terminal Railroad Co.
Height: 49 1/2”
Track: Atlas Code 83
Turnouts: Walthers’s Code 83 Turnouts
Turnouts: Mainline #8, Sidings #6, Switching District #5
Radius: Mainline minimum 32”, Switching district 18”
Grade Maximum: 2%
Sub-Roadbed: spline or cookie cutter plywood
Roadbed : Homabed
Layout Style: twice around, over under with lift outs, hidden staging.
Track Clearance: 4.5”
Train Length: 8 cars, 50 foot length + loco is average
Control System: MRC Prodigy Advance 2 DCC
Purpose: Hauling freight through Portland on UP’s Brooklyn Subdivision, moving freight to the Portland Terminal customers, and supporting customers on the mainline including a large power station.
Traffic: grain; IBC’s, coal, mixed freight, etc.

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