Sunday, December 18, 2011

New Computer = Happy Scott!

Wow!  This thing is FAST!  With 8 gig on the board I'm going to have WAY more fun producing the Rocky Mountain Region's Callboard Magazine!  My old computer just didn't have enough horsepower.

While my wife doesn't have much to do with my train addiction, but she is a whiz at computers.  Here we are taking the new Lenovo desktop out of the box.  It has 8 gig on the board and a terabyte of storage...way more than I need.

Wow!  The monitor is awesome!  Bigger, brighter, nicer color.  So fast!  Oh, I can't wait!  Marie is loading up Windows Office, the printer and a new copy of MS Publisher!  If I'm going to do this much publishing, I want the best I can get.

Needless to say, a set of gin and tonics is required for loading software.  The network is working, the networked printer is operational and I can see all five other computers in the house from here.  Yes, we have six working computers in the house and we use them all.  There is a new laptop sitting on the other desk that we'll hook up for the layout room and Decoder Pro after Alan teaches me how to use it.

Hey!  I got 3rd Plan It working!  Here is Thayne's layout in big, bright color and much much larger!  I didn't realize how antiquated my system was.  The file loaded in less than a second.  So nice to get new tools, and frankly, this is the busiest tool in the shop.  I opened a 50 page copy of the Callboard and thumbed through in less than 3 seconds.  Amazing!  I'm so happy!

I have tons of files to clean up and move before I can relocate the computer to my work desk.  We'll do that over the next week.  I want to get on it as soon as possible.  Here is Taylor's poor little Thomas the Tank Engine that baby Katie pulled the face off of.  Sad.  It is priority one repair in the shop tomorrow.


  1. Facemask is a 15 yd. penalty, no? - Rich

  2. New PC - great! I thought I was the only one that had 5+ PCs in the house. Have fun with your new toy.



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