Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Willamette River Railway - Mainline Finished?

I'm on vacation!  Though I worked most of the day on the phone, I did get some shopping in.  Grandma arrived and everyone was tired early, so I got to go to the shop and draw some.

#7 Needs to be joined.  First let's fix the upper level track, then we can fix the yard trackage.
 Here we have the upper siding installed and the yard ladder trackage all connected.  I added a small spur on the yard for either a switcher pocket, service area or small industry.
 Now to work on the Portland side.  #9 PTRC trackage is not important now, so let's erase it.  I don't like the #8 trackage either, so we'll throw that out as well.

 There!  A nice clean slate.  The track through here is going to be very close to parallel so let's throw in a river to make it more interesting...and this is prototypical in Portland.

 I bowed the upper level away from the edge of the layout and put in a bridge.  A long train snaking along the slight curve will look nice.
 I put in the lower level and added a passing siding.  We'll add the switching district interchange track later.

 #10 is a reminder for me to put in the lift bridges.  While I don't like to put them on a curve, there really isn't much choice on this layout.

 There!  Two lift outs...
 I took my cursor and went around the track...and...@#$!@#$!  I forgot to connect the other end of the hidden staging yard!  Ok...back to the drawing board.

 I really hate to put a very long turnout under an overpass, so we'll have to move that.  I tinker with several different arrangements and it took a while.  I think I found something that will work, but I'll let Thayne decide.

 Done!  Prior to grade and clearance checks, the basic mainline and major yard are complete!
Like most people, I feel I MUST run a train as soon as possible, so I throw some rolling stock on the Brooklyn line and move it forward and back.  Since I haven't put in the grades yet, the train will not cross another track.  Normal at this stage of the game.

 Here is a very low resolution UP SD-40 running on the track in 3D mode.  This view is near the back wall and the door to the storage area.

 Along the front wall near the river bridge...

 The Brooklyn Yard....

 A train running over the first lift out bridge....

 A view from the entrance way...

And a view from the back side.

I tried to film a video of it moving, but the new upgrade for 3rd Plan It is a bit different and I've got to figure out how it works.  Still, we got some good work done tonight!

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  1. That looks great Scott. It is so cool to see a plan come together I am just amazed! Is the only word I can think of. Thank you!!!!


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