Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Willamette River Railway - The Bump

I spoke to Thayne today while I was at the office grabbing a sandwich and answering eight million emails.  We discussed the need to broaden the Brooklyn Yard by two tracks.  Just not enough room.  So we kicked around the idea (note I said idea) and I told him I'd draw it in and see what it looks like.

Um...well....this is what it looks like.  He grabbed a saw and some lumber and built it.  That was fast.  Ok, let's see if I can get the mainline finished before its already built!

I love to work with someone who is as excited about trains as I am!!!


  1. I hope all you guys the gripe about me not posting stuff are happy now! You are getting a daily feed. Hopefully it is something that is helpful or that you enjoy! Please leave comments and questions. I love layout suggestions!!!

  2. Hey I hope I did not jump the gun? I was having so much fun with the tools all plugged in and the wife was not home. So I went a little wild! Thayne.


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