Monday, December 3, 2012

011 The Augusta Railway - Let There Be...DARK! the lights didn't work.  Sometimes you just have to stare failure in the face and blame...somebody else!

So two things went wrong.  The first one was that when I drew the plans for the lights, I drew them for the benchwork, below.  I didn't draw them for the overhead area that is about a foot shorter than the layout benchwork.  Thus, said lighting would not fit.  I had to overlap the last one slightly.  I blame this one on my children for disturbing me constantly while drawing, and not for the fact that I'm a dumbass.

The second problem is that when I turned them on...only two bulbs came on out of all eight!  It appears that the circuit, which I thought had only two small spot lights on it actually has some upstairs circuits coming off of it.  WTF!  Who wired this thing?  I have to blame the people that finished the basement instead of the fact that I'm a dumbass.

So this weekend we go get a box, a switch, some more wire, and a breaker.  Let's do it the way I should have done it since day one!


  1. I could go on at length on the subject of what I think of the electrician who owned my house before me. You'd think an electrician would know what a junction box was! Dad & I completely rewired our second house where I grew up - Dad didn't like the 18 gauge wire that was used, can't imagine why? We pulled a lot of 12 gauge through conduit - wish they still used conduit in home construction!

  2. I'm not happy with Utah Electricians, that is for sure. Better off to just rewire it myself.

  3. It really is critical to have solid electrical work. If I build a house, I will be sure to speak with the contractor and have things done properly.


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