Friday, December 7, 2012

012 The Augusta Railway - New Additions!

A good friend of mine from long ago posted on Facebook something that reminded me of this...

Yup, and old Marine field jacket.   He gave this to me back when we were in college because I thought it was really cool.  I've had it now for 27 years.  It always remains on the back of my model railroad work chair.  I wear it now to keep the chill off, and to keep paint and glue off my clothes.  He had forgotten that he had given it to me, and for all this time had been blaming his brother for stealing it.  Randy was glad that I told him I still had it.  It is the only thing that I've gotten for free that I'm still using.

 I'm going to try a kit and see if my eyes can see well enough to build, or if I can learn another way to build.  Bought this small depot which will serve as the Mill Depot on the layout from M.R.S. Hobbies down the street.  Got it for 20% off since they are having a Christmas Sale.  I love B.T.S. products and have built several of their items.

Finding a Southern caboose is VERY difficult.  This is the only one I could find (from Ebay), so I bought it for $9.95.  Its going to need a LOT of sprucing up!  This will be a fun project.

Since the movers destroyed my paint collection, I'm going to start rebuilding it.  Got this at M.R.S. Hobbies. Paint is expensive so we have to build the collection a little at the time.

This weekend....wiring lights and getting out the spray booth!

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