Saturday, December 29, 2012

025 The Augusta Railway - Painting Clouds

There are a lot of tutorials on painting clouds.  I should have thought ahead and primed a board for testing cloud techniques.  We'll set one up tomorrow.

Here are some links to cloud painting tutorials:

How To Paint Clouds in Oils (Works with Acrylics, too.  Great brush techniques)
Model Railroader's Cloud Painting Video
Cloud Stencil Technique
Painting Clouds With Sponge Technique
Airbrushed Clouds
Another Sponge Technique for Clouds
Cloud and Backdrop Painting Video
Mike Fifer's Backdrops Video
Easy Backdrop Painting Video
Painting Clouds with Cotton Fiber
Backdrop Painting Video Log:  Video 1, Video 2, Video 3
Painting Clouds in HO Scale
Pro Mural Artist on Backdrop Painting
Painting Thunderhead Clouds
Painting Sky with Acrylics
Simple Clouds in Acrylics
Tim Gagnon on Clouds
Landscape Tips and Tricks
Blending Blue and White for a Sky
Speed Painting Clouds

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