Friday, December 21, 2012

014 The Augusta Railway - Let There Be LIGHTS!

Yeah!  Thanks to my new friend Marty at B&L Electric here in Salt Lake City, we now have lights in the basement.  Mark Rindflesh gave me a great lead and my sixth electrician came to the house on time, and with the skills to git-r-done.  Didn't even take two hours to unscramble my work.

The lights are bright and clear!  I can see very well under them.

The seem work well with my digital camera, though I've not worked with the settings yet.

While the electrician was here I started cleaning up the shop.  I put up the newly made paint rack and got rid of the plastic tubs I was using to hold the paint.  It works very nicely.

I'm still a long way from rebuilding my paint collection, but will do it over time.  I've got most of the basic colors I use.

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