Friday, December 28, 2012

Presents for the Work Shop

I love!  You look up what you want, they give you the best price, and they ship it free to your door.  Can't beat that!

Let me introduce my old friend, the black swing arm lamp!  He is 38 years old and was one of the first modeling tools I every bought with my own money.  This lamp has been sitting on my work table since I was 10 years old.  The clamp broke recently, and the springs are heavily rusted.  I'm also worried about the power cord as it is getting a little worn.  Time to replace my old friend.

I ordered a replacement from for $25 and free shipping.  Can't beat that.  I ordered it two days ago, and zoom!  It is here!

The reason I bought a white lamp instead of a black one is because it is easier to see and you bonk your head less frequently.  This one came in kit form.

The base on this one is plastic, instead of metal, but appears to be very strong.  I clamped it on to the workbench.

All assembled and ready to turn on.  The construction of this lamp is EXACTLY like my old lamp, except the power cord is of a much heavier gauge.

Drat.  I knew it was too easy!  The shade twists on to the mounting housing but doesn't stay tight.  I'll have to drill a hole and put a screw in to hold it so that it doesn't fall off.  With incandescent bulbs, the shade could get VERY hot, and burn you if it fell on your arm.

My Paasche Model H airbrush was damaged in the move, so I replaced it with a new one, also from Amazon. com.  Never even had to leave the shop!

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