Friday, December 21, 2012

015 The Augusta Railway - Diesel Power Arrives in Augusta

Times are a changin' here in Augusta.  Maybe its the heat.  But Southern Railway loaned our railroad one of their new NW2 locomotives.  I'm not sure we'll ever move off of steam...but we are willing to give it a try.  Guess they want us to get used to diesel before they take us over.  Not much cotton left to ship.


Here's the new Broadway Limited Paragon 2 NW2/SW7 with sound.  It REALLY does sound like an NW2, which I've actually heard in real life.  Georgia Marble had one.  Here it is on my test track.  Number 6060 will be working the docks and shuffling cars in the small yard.  The locomotive runs pretty well, but hesitates a little.  I'll clean the track and test it again.

Another addition is this Walther's Proto 8,000 tank car.  I'll do some lettering modification on this one and use it for shipping cotton seed oil.

I also bought a Norfolk & Western gondola in a scrap bin at The Train Shoppe.  It needs weathering and a new pair of trucks, but was perfect for $6.00.

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