Saturday, December 8, 2012

013 The Augusta Railway - !@$!@$ Lights

I'm so damn mad at the !@#$!@$ electrical system in this house.  It is so time for us to move!  I saved the lights project for this weekend, and the first thing I did was to take the cover off the breaker box so that I could see what type of breaker that I needed.  That is when I realized that there is no main power switch to cut of juice to the breakers!  Like I'm going to stick my hands into a live box.  NOT!

Its time to call and electrician.  The problem with that is I've been looking for a good one for two years now and have been sadly disappointed   The last one fell of the roof.  I may not ever get lights, but we'll start looking again.  Very frustrating.

I visited The Train Shoppe at its new location today and took the kids to ride the really cool 1.5" scale, 7.5" gauge railroad they have inside.  Its surrounded by Christmas scenes and is really fun!  Saw Big Jim there with his 19 month old grandson riding the train.  I bought a Clayton County Lumber structure which has four metal siding building in one kit.  These will make up some scenes on the railroad.  Most likely the Gin until I scratchbuild one.

Slowly I'm adding to my paint rack.  Eight more bottles made it to the basement, mostly colors that I use for weathering or for the kits I have.

Or I can just paint Christmas trees on Taylor's face!

I need to do some painting so its time to start digging out the airbrushes.  I'll get the airbrush cabinet out tomorrow.  The fan was never installed, so we'll have to do that and make a plate for the window to vent out the fumes.

Found the mini air compressor.  I plan to buy a bigger pancake unit to replace my old compressor that died, but haven't done it yet.  Actually this little unit from Harbor Freight has done very well.

Wow...more boxes of parts.  I've got several boxes lying around.  Asked my wife to pick up a Paasche Model H needle for me today as well.

Here is one of the original Aztec brushes.  I don't know why I keep it, but I might let Taylor use it to learn on.  This is my second one as the first was returned for replacement.  Its a great idea, this system, but being made out of plastic is not so good of an idea.

Here's my Paasche VSL dual action brush.  It needs some work, so I'll fix it over the holidays.  Probably needs parts.

Here's the Badger 360.  This is my detail and weathering brush.  Very nice!  I've got several others including my stand by Paasche Model H that I used frequently.  All of them need attention after many teaching clinics.

One thing I really need is a paint rack, so I've started designing one.  May build it tonight.

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