Saturday, December 29, 2012

026 The Augusta Railway - Family Project

Ah, nothing like an evening with the family.  I really do want my little girls to participate in the hobby, but it take great fortitude and patience.  LOTS of fortitude and patience.

The spots I repaired are dry now.  So I lightly sanded them and gave them a coat of Glidden primer.

In order to protect my work tables, I cut a spare piece of hardboard and put on the top as seen here.  Then when painting I cover with old newspaper.  I stopped using plastic sheets as they are too slippery and messy.

Walmart furnished me two cans of interior latex flat paint, one base white and the other Mediterranean Tile Blue #10854, both in their ColorPlace brand.  Each gallon is about $11.50.  

I have here two paint pans, new rollers and my paint cup, along with a new 3" high quality brush.

We are first going to paint a few small pieces of hardbaord with primer so that I can test a few cloud painting techniques.  Let's call in my trusty assistant, Taylor!

Taylor (age 7) is learning how to paint.  She is wearing old clothes so that nothing gets ruined.  The floor is covered with a drop cloth, damp rags are standing by, and spillage risk is reduced by giving her a paint cup with very little paint in it.  She is using a new 1.5" sable brush.  The goal is to get her familiar with some of the basics without risking the layout.

We are learning how to properly load and wipe the brush so that the heavy paint is on one side, and not all over the handle or ferrule (metal band that holds the bristles.)  She is making long, horizontal strokes, being careful not to drip paint on the surface or floor.  Taylor is also wiping drips off the edge of the board and trying to be very neat.

Princess #2 has to paint as well since big sister is doing it.  Mommy smocks her up in old clothes and an apron.  This should be funny.  Hey...we all started somewhere.  She is 2.  I didn't get to paint until I was six!

Rembrandt has given the surface a good coat.  Daddy and daughter take the time to critique her work and train her eyes to see tiny imperfections.  She is very good at it!  I let her paint another board with the goal of making it even better than the first one.

Paint is flying everywhere with little Katie Perry.  Mommy (pit crew) has to replace her apron with a new one.

I keep a box full of colorful craft paints just for this purpose.  She like pink and purple.

Clean up time!  We use about 10 gallons of water cleaning up the little squirt.  She had paint everywhere!  Taylor had lots of fun and did a pretty good job, especially considering her age.  She's a chip off the old block!

Katie has her own brush stroke technique.  I need to send her to Grandma Izzie's house for a week of intense training.  Izzie is quite a good painter.  One day I'd like to hang out in her painting room and learn some things, too.

I'm amazed that the white wall next to her is still white!

Ok, maybe painting her nails is next.

Tomorrow we'll paint sky and maybe try some clouds.

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