Sunday, December 23, 2012

017 The Augusta Railway - The Sky is the Limit

Thank you mom for the $150 gift card to Home Depot!  You are awesome!

I went to the Big Orange to get my supplies for installing a backdrop.  Supplies consisted of:

3 each sheets of tempered hardboard 1/8" thick, and cut to 30" horizontally.  The 18" excess will be used for the fascia and is being stored.

1 bundle of 1x3 lumber (about 10 boards) for wall mounts used for fastening the hardboard to the wall

1 gallon of Kilz to prime the hardboard

1 tube of Liquid Nails to fasten the hardboard to the wall mounts

1 large Mexican Coca-Cola, chilled, mostly for refreshment.


I brought the goods home and will use my new stud finder to locate the wall studs (20" apart here in this house for some reason).  Tomorrow we'll put it all together.

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