Friday, December 28, 2012

012 - Richlawn RR v2 - Changing the Mindheim Plan

I like the clean cut simplicity of the Mindheim plan that we just looked at, so I started working it into Rick's Room.

One thing I had not asked Rick was what kind of track he was going to be using.  He prefer's Micro Engineering Track, code 83, with Walther's #6 turnouts.  A man after my own heart!

So here is the plan squeezed in to a tighter area and using larger turnouts.  There are a lot of issues we need to correct, so the best thing I think to do is to get on the phone with Rick and figure out what he'd like to do.

Key problems:

  1. Pinch point at Town A
  2. Yards are too small to work
  3. Very tight radius curves at 24" min
  4. Lift out is at a pinch point
  5. Passing sidings are too small
Rick, let's Skype today if possible!

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