Wednesday, November 28, 2012

008 - Richlawn RR v2 - Rough Draft Main Line

Tonight I spent some time getting the room dimensions corrected.  They were close to right, so we weren't far off.  I drew the doors too small, as well as the windows, so those have all been repaired.

 Here is the corrected drawing, all ready to go.  So far the HVAC system and the power outlets are of no consequence  but we won't forget about them.  The next step is to start roughing in the mainline.  Here we want to consider the needs of the owner.  I know Rick is a master of deep bench scenery, so we want to stay with some of that if we can.  He also needs a continuous run loop, if for nothing else than to show visitors what the layout does.  Rick has the operations bug, and like switching layouts.  Ok...let's draw!

I'm considering a partially double decked layout, but when I'm sketching, I don't consider it.  I just stay one lever.  This is a simple oval type layout with two 26" radius curves on either end.  This leaves the benchwork too deep and the room packed.  Not good.

 By twisting the loop, we can make access in the middle a little better.  Leaves only one window accessible.

 Here is an around the room with a loop/helix that can elevate the railroad.  Not bad, but needs a lift out/duck under and I'm not sure he wants a 66" lift out!

 By shoving the loops to one side of the room, we can get some nice bench for a yard or switching.

Hey...I like this.  Good size loops that could be bigger, walk around access in most areas, nice long bench (double deck?) for switching.

This phase can take weeks, so I'll sketch and put aside, read through some plan books, come back and sketch some more.  Sooner or later the plan will jump out at me.  Meanwhile, should something grab Rick...he can let me know.  More so...I want to know what he DOES NOT like.

Speak up!

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  1. Scott, I great start! I wish that I had your imagination! As far as access, I like the idea of a swing gate as opposed to a lift up/out. I'm too old for duck unders!



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