Sunday, November 18, 2012

002 - Richlawn RR v2 - Discussion of Givens & Druthers

Normally I subject anyone that wants me to design a layout to my 10 pages "What Do You Want Your Layout To Be" questionnaire.  It is a grueling task to complete, but once done, the owner/builder knows pretty much exactly what they want in their railroad.  I've spent a lot of time with Rick, so we just sat down for an hour and I posted questions to him.  Here is what he's looking for:

Givens & Druthers:

  • Be in the new house in a week or so. 
  • Bedroom next to the layout could be taken, currently planned to be a guest room.  Likes the cartridge systems 
  • Layout sectional and moveable 
  • Lance Mindheim fan – likes his stuff 
  • Would like to be able to walk in front of the windows. Maybe work on either side of the windows. 
  • Double decking is an option, maybe not connected 
  • Continuous run option 
  • Swing bridge or gate that moves in 
  • This is his office, so a pull out drawer needs to be in the room. Workbench will be in the garage, but needs to be able to work underneath the layout. 
  • Helix is ok, but needs to be herniated. 
  • L & N in 60’s or 70’s 
  • 4 axle locos, and cabooses 
  • Propane, boxcars, hoppers, flatcars, scrap yard 
  • Hoover town will be salvaged 
  • Palmer asbestos – brake shoes 
  • Kentucky, Virginia, Pennsylvania 
  • Would like to do some scenery 
  • Rock cut, radius 30” radius 
  • Lots of warehouses 
  • Falls City Brewery – Louisville, KY (no real rail but wants to include) 
  • Grain elevator 
  • Go see on MRH the video of Kevin’s layout – link buried 
  • Going to send me room pix of his layout 
  • Not into hand laying, so stay with Micro Engineering, code 83 and 70 
  • Scenery is going to be compromised 
  • DCC for the layout, still running with Loconet/Digitrax and JMRI 
  • Signals are possible 
  • Operations – Ran with a work order, drop and pick from a switch list. Short time, running by yourself. Logical connection between the industries. 
  • Make an industry swap chart 
  • Mostly self, but could have others come over (one or two simultaneously). Maybe a working fiddle yard. Design it to expand his knowledge. 
  • Good woodworker, so anything goes on benchwork 
  • Good electronics, so anything goes 
  • Not good at handlaying track or turnouts, but might want to try. 
  • Water features, and challenge him 
  • Prefers to use wall brackets 
  • Well equipped for rolling stock. 
  • Has a lot of 40’ rolling stock. Can stay tight. 
  • Use Bob’s dowel system 
  • Lighting – track lighting may be the thing. At least for single 
  • Include boxes for operation, pencil and drink holders, and small desks 
  • Nighttime running options, or twighlight. 
  • Benchwork, armpit and elbow. 45 to 55 inches. 
  • Scott will set up a Blog. 
  • #5 turnouts, Walthers 
  • Duck unders are out 
  • Pull out drawer for DCC system

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