Saturday, November 24, 2012

006 The Augusta Railway - Supplies and Changes

I had some gift cards left over so I went with the family and bought the light fixtures that I needed, some wire, a light switch and some 1 x 3 lumber.  The lumber is for supporting the lights on the "ceiling" area, which I'll explain later with photos.

I'm still tinkering with the track plan.  I changed the left edge to an even 1 foot to make it easier.  I put in the tunnel to hide the return loop/staging track.  This track will serve as the Southern RR's staging until I come up with something better.  I put in one road, though I have need for more of them.  Most like a canal road.  All of the industries and structures have now been named.

Had a great workout this morning.  Dead Lift and Bench Press required adding more weight. Starting tomorrow I've got to improve my diet.  I'm hoping that messing with trains again will help give me the added umph to get me to improve even more.  At least, the lumber was MUCH lighter than the last time I bought some!  The more muscles...the less blood sugar.  Just in case you think I'm vain or something.  Not out picking up girls it is strictly medicinal.


  1. Scott,
    I love the design. I see lots of operations possibilities!
    What light fixtures are you using?

  2. Hi Jack!

    I'm using industrial grade twin tube T-8 fixtures, 48" length. Some time ago I learned not to use anything but industrial ballasts that don't flicker and hum.

  3. Scott,

    With a mug like yours I don't think you'll have to worry about anyone thinking you are "picking up girls"! LOL!



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