Saturday, November 17, 2012

Back to Blogging!

Hi folks!

I've been taking some time off from model trains as most of you have well noticed.  I have diabetes now and my medications don't work that well.  I'm not old...just struggling with the disease.  Mostly I'm struggling with my eyesight which can't be controlled.  Essentially I can't see how to build models anymore.

It can get better, but I have to work at, I took a break from NMRA, USRM and modeling.

The winter is here now...snow is deep.  Nights are very long.  I need something to keep me busy...may start on a new layout!

Scott Perry

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  1. Hiya Scott,
    Sorry to hear about your difficuties with Diabetes, (this disease took my father in '94) and with a family history of this disease (every male for the last 3 generatiosn has it) I know that there are side affects that severly reduce out ability to do what we want, your eye sight as a case in point.
    One of the things that may help you is to the information here and

    Either way, I trust that you will beat this disease.



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