Friday, November 23, 2012

003 The Augusta Railway - Checking NMRA Achievement Program

I've been working on the NMRA's achievement program for 31 years.  Yup...31.  I've build countless layouts and designed even more...but never finished the program.  So, once again I'm going to work on a layout that will help knock that out.  My friend Mark Evans just became Master Model Railroader that is a great motivator, especially since I know that Mark is always there to help.

So let's check the sketch of the Augusta Railway...see if it meets the standards for the certifications.

Civil:  I'm modeling HO, so we'll need 50 feet of opertaional track.  A quick check using the Third Plan It tool says we have 73'.  That's good!  I can actually trim some of the track back if I can.  It is looking a bit too saturated.  We need six examples of trackwork from the list.  On the layout we have:

  • A passing siding
  • A spur
  • A simple ladder yard
  • A reversing loop
  • Superelevation
  • Service pit track
For examples of scratchbuilt track we'll have a turnout, gantlet or three way turnout (not on drawing yet) and a crossover (not on drawing yet).

Electrical:  Construct a layout with at least:
  • Gaps and blocks for DCC - got it
  • One mainline passing siding
  • Reversing loop
  • One yard with a minimum of three tracks and a switching lead independent of the main line.
  • Storage for two locos
  • Power supply with protective devices (Using DCC system)
Wire a turnout, crossover and a 3-way turnout
I'll pick three accessories to wire up later...there are plenty of options.

Scenery: Construct at least 32 feet of HO scale scenery.  Layout is over 32 sq feet.

So far this small layout will cover everything that I let's do a finished plan.

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