Thursday, November 22, 2012

002 The Augusta Railway - Sketching a New Line

My basement area is still the same, but this time I want to use less of it.  If things go well, I can always expand into the rest of the room, but for now we will leave some workout space and some area for the kids to play video games on the 60" tv.

Above is my first sketch of what the new Augusta Railway could be.  Augusta, Georgia is a sweltering hot cotton town located on the Savannah River.  It was a major port for collecting cotton and barging it down to Savannah to be loaded for export.  I'm going to take the original plan for the Dixie Central and make it a local railroad, just in the Augusta area.  We'll farm cotton, gin it, and either make textiles from it or ship it overseas.  We'll also bring in Egyptian cotton and make it into textiles.  Other cotton products such as cottonseed oil, fertilizer and seeds for cattle food will be exchanged.  There will be an interchange with the Southern Railway so that goods can be exchanged off railroad.

Believe it or not, my first pass at the sketch of the layout came out pretty well.  I've got to check it for operations and for NMRA Achievement Program certifications, but it fits the area pretty well.  While I won't have the room for a continuous run, it provides as much run space as a 4 x 8 layout.

I'll keep sketching today...see what I come up with.

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