Monday, November 26, 2012

008 The Augusta Railway - Operations

I've decided to add some operations interest to the layout.

Cattle raising was starting to boom in Augusta in 1947, and I've got tons of cattle car rolling stock.  So I thought that when cotton production was low, we'd work at shipping cattle.  I have a slaughterhouse model that I'm working on, but it is too big for this layout, so cattle will be shipped off line.

The dock is certainly not built for a heavy locomotive, so we are going to require the use of a "handle" or a cut of flat cars that helps the locomotive "reach" cars on the dock.  No loco can tresspass on the dock.  This means for extra work when switching this area.  I've lengthened the caboose track so that it can hold a caboose and two 40' flat cars.

Right now the only rolling stock I'm missing is a caboose.  Have to keep an eye out for one!

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